Dynamic Customer Portal - Odoo App

April 27, 2023

In today's digital age, customers expect seamless and effortless interactions with businesses. They want to be able to access their account information, track their orders, and communicate with customer support easily and conveniently. To meet these expectations, businesses are increasingly turning to customer portals as a way to improve the customer experience.

What is the Dynamic Customer Portal Odoo App?

At Entrivis we have developed and designed Odoo App Dynamic Customer Portal, available on the Odoo app store. This app is designed to provide customers with an interactive and personalized experience, enabling them to access their account information and manage their orders in a streamlined and efficient manner.

The Entrivis Dynamic Customer Portal App is a customizable module for Odoo that allows businesses to create a personalized customer portal. It offers a range of features that can help businesses provide a better customer experience. One of the key features of the Dynamic Customer Portal is its ability to display dynamic content based on configuration done in the back office.

How Does the App Help Reduce Development Efforts?

The Dynamic Customer Portal App can help businesses reduce their development efforts in several ways:

Customizable Portal Items: The app comes configuration which allows to select the business model needs to be displayed in customer portal. These portal items can be configured based on fields, filters, access rules and supports multi company, reducing the need for extensive development efforts.

Configurable Fields: The app offers configuration of fields which will be displayed on the portal, it is also possbile to change the label of the fields. By offering these features, businesses can select any field which needs to be displayed on portal and one can also set the visibility of the fields.

Multiple Options: The app offers various options like sort, search, filters and groups. Simply select the fields for the individual option and it will be displayed in portal based on the configuration.

Access Control: The app allows user to select the access groups and portal items will only be visible based on the groups selected in configuration.

Dynamic Customer Portal - Odoo App


The Dynamic Customer Portal module for Odoo is a powerful tool that can help businesses reduce their development efforts and streamline their operations. By offering customizable portal items, self-service options, access control and multi company support, the module can help businesses provide a better customer experience while reducing the need for extensive development efforts. If you're looking to simplify your customer portal and provide a better customer experience, the Dynamic Customer Portal module is worth considering.

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