How to auto populate the customer address from GST Number?

March 2, 2023

Small yet significant Odoo App for Indian Accounting users

Entrivis Tech is a reputed company that focuses on making users' lives easy with innovative solutions. We, as an Indian ERP provider, get a lot of requests from our customers to automate the Address fetching process of customers and vendors.

Odoo Apps store with thousands of apps available also has no app that addresses fetching the address using the GST number in Odoo requirement. 

Ever since GST was introduced in India, the government has taken numerous steps to make the use of technology to prevent frauds.

One of them is to have an GST API that verifies the address of the company on entering the GST Number/GSTIN. 

The users can also manually verify the address by visiting this link:

Many big enterprises use this link to verify the address linked with the GSTIN because they do not have any automation in place within the software they are using. 

So, to solve the problem, we started our R&D. We figured out that the Indian government has given the API access to a few GST API Facilitators, they are known as GST Suvidha Provider (GSP) who are basically authorised vendors who have the API access and who provide the API access at some premium.  

With the flexibility of Odoo and our expertise, we can easily integrate the 3rd party API for better usability.

Integration of GST Address Verification in Odoo

We searched for the GSP with the most economic plans and used their API. The module achieves the integration between GST and Odoo to fetch the address. After our thorough research, we used the API from Appyflow. Their pricing model is straightforward with no validity period for API usage. 

Here is the more information about the pricing:

Now, let’s see how the module works. 

After you purchase the module, you need to install it from the apps screen.

Once the module is installed, you need to go to the company configuration and enter the API key generated from Appyflow. 

After the API key is entered, go to the customers menu and create a new customer. 

Enter the name of the company and GST Number, click on Fetch Address. 

Clicking on the button will auto populate the address details in relevant fields, the PAN number of the partner will be auto populated too.

You can find the module here in odoo app store ->  GST Address Autocomplete.

The module is simple yet effective, it gives authentic registered addresses using the GST data and prevents fraudulent data. 

To know more or to see the live demo, drop an email on now.

Thank you.

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