Join the Odoo Roadshow in Vadodara: Transform Your Business with Cutting-Edge ERP Solutions

July 10, 2024

The Odoo Roadshow in Vadodara on July 31, 2024, is a global event organized by Odoo S.A. to showcase their latest ERP and company management software. Local businesses and professionals looking to use Odoo's solutions will have access to product demos, networking opportunities, workshops, Q&A sessions with experts, and partner displays.

Digitalization plays an essential role for Indian companies because it improves efficiency, reduces costs, expands market boundaries, provides data-driven insights for decision-making, enhances customer experience, ensures regulatory compliance, and strengthens competitive advantage in a fast-changing economic environment.

What is Odoo

Odoo is cloud-based business management software that covers e-commerce, inventory control systems (ICS), customer relationship management (CRM), and accounting, among other features. It was first published in 2005 and is now one of the most popular ERP systems worldwide, with over 4.5 million users. 

Due to its multiple main functionalities, many businesses, especially SMEs (Small and Medium Enterprises), employ Odoo ERP software.

The broad effectiveness of the ODOO ERP solution in India has made it well renowned. Nowadays, an ERP system is becoming more critical because daily business activities would not be possible without this technology.

Why Attend the Odoo Event in Vadodara?

Odoo17 Interactive Demo

Visiting the Odoo event in Vadodara is an opportunity to have a personal experience of Odoo 17. 

This will be followed by interactive demos where one can discover the most recent characteristics of this robust Odoo ERP software. Besides mere presentations, you will have a go at using Odoo yourself.

This practical learning experience illustrates how data can be handled appropriately and operations streamlined with Odoo, improving efficiency in many business activities. 

Whether you are a new Odoo Development Company or new to Odoo services, this event will assist you with knowledge and skills that can help improve your day-to-day transactions.

Digital Gurus’ Tips & Tricks

This Odoo event in Vadodara is a must-attend for businesses that want to exploit the full potential of Odoo as well as get expert assistance on Odoo development services and Odoo ERP customization services done by professionals from Belgium who specialize in only developing customized solutions based on ODOO framework. 

Here, you will hear from industry experts and gain useful tips on optimizing your Odoo instance by designing it to your specific needs, such as business process streamlining and feature integration. These activities increase output levels and promote effective collaboration involving partners like peers and developers.

Local Companies' Experiences

One great way to learn directly from local businesses is by attending the Odoo event in Vadodara. You can hear stories of success from those who are using Odoo ERP solutions in Vadodara, gain practical insights about how they successfully implemented Odoo ERP, and find out how these solutions might help your organization. 

This becomes a rare opportunity to acquire first-hand experience and ideas that would improve your enterprise with Odoo.

Q&A Session with Experts and Partners

At this event in Vadodara, you will have the opportunity to ask questions of the Odoo specialists and gain Insights into Odoo ERP services in India. 

Experts can answer all your questions about Odoo solutions. Learn about Odoo ERP Services in India, including the newest trends and services tailored to the Indian market.

Networking Sessions

This Odoo event provides a good platform to meet with people from various industries interested in Odoo, share experiences, and form useful partnerships. This event will help you meet with the leaders of the best Odoo company in India. 

Learn from experts how you can optimize Odoo. Get acquainted with new features and solve business problems. 

When one meets the software developers, customization, integration, or support collaborations may arise. Networking events are for sharing thoughts and adopting fresh approaches, leading to increased company effectiveness by creating opportunities for new business relationships. 

Nevertheless, this is an occasion where you can develop your network, build up your knowledge about Odoo technology, and get involved in a new venture.

Odoo Roadshow Highlights

The objective of the Odoo Roadshow is to globally bring people together so they can interact with their clients, showcase products, teach classes, get partners, or increase the market share of Odoo within the ERP software industry.

We organize events in the major cities around the globe through Odoo Roadshow where we interact and educate our customers and partners. There are various activities to have fun participating in, such as hands-on product demonstrations, instructional lectures, and networking.

Additionally, we recruit new partners, hold Q&A sessions, and present Odoo ERP solutions' latest features to partners so they can sell their solutions in exhibition areas. These events aim to encourage collaboration among users and partners, engage the community in learning, and promote Odoo’s global reach.

The benefits of participating in the Odoo Roadshow for businesses are: 

  • Networking
  • Hands-on Learning
  • Education
  • Expert Access
  • Visibility
  • Partner Recruitment
  • Industry insights

Digitization & Centralization: The Power of Odoo ERP

Integrating various systems within the Odoo ERP solution streamlines procedures by bringing together information that is used by one system only to enable automated functions like order processing and reporting over a secure network, allowing seamless communication. This results in higher efficiency, uninterrupted growth patterns in businesses, and reduced costs, enabling timely informed decisions within market environments characterized by high competition.

Some challenges faced by companies using multiple applications were:

  • Difficulty in Integration: It involves careful preparation of different data structures and workflows to be integrated. 
  • Data Synchronization: Application systems need to provide consistent data. 
  • User Training: Using different interfaces takes time to learn, which affects user adoption.
  • Customization and Maintenance: Time-consuming activity involved in creation plus keeping applications running
  • Performance Optimization: Running numerous apps simultaneously might influence system performance.
  • Vendor Management: Coordinating support and updates from many providers increases complexity.
  • Cost Management: Controlling expenses for permission, customization, and maintenance is essential.

Odoo ERP software tackles problems of poor internal communication and integration gaps by combining CRM, sales, inventory, accounting, and HR modules into one unified platform. 

This integration ensures data flows seamlessly across departments, minimizing errors and boosting efficiency. Tools like messaging and collaborative workspaces foster instant team interaction, while automated workflows streamline operations for consistency.

Management can make better decisions using real-time reporting and analytics to gain essential data. Mobile accessibility enables workers to remain connected and responsive from any location. Odoo ERP customization services and scalability adapt to changing business needs. Thus, organizing business operations becomes essential for companies to attain more effective and efficient management.

The benefits of centralizing business processes using Odoo ERP solutions include:

  • It combines all operations into one system so that data from sales, CRM, inventory, accounting, and HR are centralized. This leads to the elimination of data silos leading to increased accuracy and access.
  • Odoo ERP facilitates the automation of various workflows, such as order processing and report generation, consequently improving efficiency by minimizing errors.
  • Odoo ERP solution Increased team collaboration and faster decision-making rates due to real-time access to information.
  • This system allows scalability according to the company's needs; it supports cost savings by streamlining operations, reducing IT maintenance expenses, and ensuring security and compliance through solid data management.

Generally, Odoo ERP software helps businesses become more efficient, agile, and competitive for sustainable growth.

The Role of Odoo in Indian Businesses

In the business world nowadays, employees frequently use a variety of apps; on a daily basis, the average employee uses 10–20 apps. However, there could be a significant revenue loss if app usage inefficiencies cause employees to spend up to 80% of their time switching between apps rather than working productively.

Due to inefficiencies and missed opportunities, bigger businesses could lose millions of dollars yearly. Streamlined app administration and integration solutions are necessary to enhance productivity and create new revenue possibilities.

Indian business owners are rapidly utilizing digital technology such as ERP systems, digital marketing, and SaaS platforms to improve the efficiency and competitiveness of their operations. Because of the increasing rise of e-commerce, businesses can now reach a larger online audience.

Data analytics enables educated decision-making, while remote work technology improves communication across locations. Government initiatives like Startup India and Digital India contribute to the global digital growth trend.

Simplify Your Business Processes with Odoo ERP

The Odoo ERP service is an all-in-one integrated ERP solution in India. The business can grow with the Odoo ERP tool, whether in the early stages of a startup, a small company, or an MNC. It includes everything from production and finance to customer relationship management, seamlessly connected to keep your business operations operating efficiently. The best thing is that the Odoo ERP solution can be customized to your exact specifications, making it highly adaptable and capable of effectively streamlining procedures.

The key features of Odoo ERP customization services are that these modifications involve changing modules or user interfaces, enhancing workflows, automating procedures, and integrating smoothly with your current systems.

In addition to boosting productivity and satisfaction, this will enable more informed decision-making thanks to customized reports and expandable solutions that can expand along with your company. Generally speaking, Odoo customization is a fantastic investment for combining technology with business objectives and providing a benefit over competitors in the market.

Entrivis Tech Pvt Ltd is India's leading Odoo development company. It is known for its substantial ERP experience, successful sector deployments, and readily adaptable and integrated systems. We maintain a high priority on quality, client satisfaction, and timely project completion. We offer comprehensive solutions, from initial consultation through ongoing support, which makes us a trustworthy partner for businesses using Odoo ERP services to achieve long-term growth and a competitive edge.

Event Details and Registration

Join us at the  Odoo Roadshow in Vadodara on Wednesday, July 31, 2024. Venue at The Fern - An Ecotel Hotel (NAND HOSPITALITY PVT LTD) is located on Dinesh Mill Road near Urmi Char Rasta in Purushottam Nagar, Akota, Vadodara, Gujarat 390020. And the Odoo ERP solution Vadodara presentation will be conducted in "English."

To register or get more information, click the link below:

About Entrivis Tech Pvt. Ltd.

Entrivis Tech Pvt. Ltd. is a leading Odoo implementation company specializing in developing solid and adaptive solutions unique to customers worldwide. We implement Odoo that appropriately suit each business's unique needs based on innovation and client satisfaction.

Our team of highly qualified professionals offers comprehensive services that guarantee optimal functioning, user experience, and performance throughout the entire process. 

Entrivis Tech's goal is to achieve success by leveraging its unique blend of technological expertise and in-depth comprehension of business requirements to create development. We provide cutting-edge Odoo ERP services in Vadodara and across India.

Feel free to ask questions about our business or services or seek additional information. We respond quickly and provide any required information as soon as possible. You can contact us at +91 740 524 1812 or +91 991 306 8606 or email us at


The Odoo Roadshow is a chance to learn more about the product and make new connections. You will see how the Odoo ERP solution works through live demonstrations and presentations, get personal advice from consultants, familiarize yourself with new modules, visit some workshops, assess competitor systems, and get real-time information on Odoo developments. It is a fantastic opportunity to learn more about your business.

Discover how Odoo ERP services can make our Indian businesses easier by automating growth processes and scaling up productivity to provide maximum results. Engage professionals in your team, embrace innovation, and open up new opportunities for your business. With Odoo ERP services, you can run a better business today.

“Join us at the Odoo Roadshow! Find out more about state-of-the-art enterprise management solutions and save your seat now or risk lagging in this fast-paced technology world!”

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