Odoo Website Custom Code

Insert Custom Code In Odoo Website For Specific Page
March 7, 2023

Odoo Website Custom Code

Entrivis Tech Pvt. Ltd. has created a new module which allows website administrator to add/insert the custom code for specific page.

Recently we encountered that adding a website page specific html code is not feasible in default Odoo website builder. So we have developed a new odoo app which gives ability to the website administrator to insert a custom html code for each website page.

This feature can be useful when you want to insert external css, js or structured data into the specific page on the website.

You can find the module here in the Odoo app store.

Download and Install the module using Apps Menu

Visit the website page where you need to insert the custom HTML code. In this example we will add a structured data inside the head element of the specific page.

User have option to insert custom code insider HEAD or BODY element of the page. Once you have added code inside desired location, you can open the website and see the custom code is getting added on the page.

Questions, feedback, reviews are welcome. Feel free to connect on hello@entrivistech.com

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