Why Odoo ERP Systems is Best for Small Businesses in 2024

June 18, 2024

ERP systems are software that companies use to manage and track the effectiveness of their daily operations. They can evaluate and report on all the data stored in a single database, spanning the entire organization, from finance to supply chain to human resources.

One very useful and extensive open-source business management software is Odoo. Previously known as OpenERP, Odoo ERP Systems has developed into an effective platform with a broad selection of apps for different business needs.

Odoo offers integrated solutions to optimize operations and spur growth, ranging from accounting and human resources to sales and inventory management. Since the source code is freely available, open-source software can be customized and tailored to meet unique company needs.

Introducing Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems has revolutionized how small businesses strive to achieve long-term success and improve their daily activities. ERP systems, formerly believed to be the sole preserve of major companies, are now more widely available than ever, giving small businesses the chance to compete in the market successfully. ERP systems help small companies enhance their efficiency, customer satisfaction, informed decision-making, cost savings, etc.

Overview of Odoo ERP

Odoo is an open-source ERP program that creates a flexible platform by integrating several business apps, including project management, accounting, CRM, eCommerce, and manufacturing. Odoo ERP is appropriate for businesses of all sizes, from expanding startups to well-established multinational corporations. 

Odoo ERP Systems allows users to choose the installation option that best fits their business needs because it is available in both on-premise and cloud-based editions. Odoo is open-source software available in two editions: the Community edition is free of charge, while the Enterprise edition requires a SaaS subscription.

Key features and functionalities of Odoo ERP 

Key features and functionalities of Odoo ERP 

Easy to set u​p and use

It has an extremely orderly, reliable, and user-friendly interface. It is also simple to arrange and set up. The consistency across the many Odoo applications allows you to easily complete a transaction, from a quotation to a sales order, invoice, and payment. 

Powerful communicat​ion tool

Odoo offers strong communication features. Using messaging systems, they monitor internal communications about your purchase orders, invoices, and sales orders. If you have any issues concerning your sales order, you can leave a message for all of the sales order's followers at the bottom of the document.

Integrated front-end and back-end tools

With a single click, you can have a full-blown website builder. Once you install the web platform, you can use it integrated with all the other Odoo applications. Odoo provides powerful e-commerce tools that integrate with your website and are completely tied into the web framework. 

Great mobile support

Odoo looks good on smartphones and tablets, even though it is entirely web-based. Employees can use mobile devices to remotely access and manage Odoo data with native apps for iOS and Android. You may access real-time information while on your own.

Powerful enterprise and cloud solutions 

Odoo offers extremely strong cloud and enterprise solutions. You can host it on Amazon or in the cloud yourself. It can be used in both on-premises and cloud environments.

Support for Multiple Companies

Several businesses can be managed in one database with Odoo. Owning companies that have several subsidiaries will find this helpful.

Odoo ERP Systems is attractive for growing enterprises because of its modularity. Depending on your needs and user base, you can grow from a limited initial set of essential apps. One of Odoo's most impressive features is its scalability. In other words, Odoo ERP can be expanded as your company grows. In other words, you can utilize any number of modules at any time. 

You may require more as your business grows if you now use three or four modules. Odoo's highly scalable feature facilitates faster business growth. To your Odoo, you can add even more users, corporations, currencies, modules, and functionalities. Considering everything, you won't need to upgrade your ERP as your company expands.

Advantages of Odoo ERP for Small Businesses


Odoo ERP Systems can be more affordable than competitors like SAP or NetSuite because it offers a free tier and reasonable pricing for subscription plans. SMBs find this to be very appealing.

All-in-one solution 

Odoo's main advantage is its modular design. It aspires to combine all of your business duties into one platform, from sales and CRM to inventory, accounting, and even website development. This decreases the need for numerous, frequently disconnected software solutions.

Customization options 

Odoo's open-source base enables extensive customization to fit your workflow requirements. Technical know-how allows you to customize the system and increase its functionality beyond built-in features.

User-friendly interface

Odoo ERP Systems utilization is extremely simple and efficient thanks to a swifter and more user-friendly interface. Users find this software user-friendly, facilitating more effective business operations.

Integration capabilities

Odoo ERP Systems is an easily integrated software platform that can be customized and is compatible with APIs. You can utilize multiple programs in one place, and all the data will be linked to Odoo. You will get everything because you can access all the information about both systems.

Specific Benefits for Small Businesses

Streamlined operations 

Odoo's real-time data processing enables small businesses to make quick decisions and simplify business operations. Businesses can save time by choosing wisely in marketing, accounting, inventory control, and other areas. Making decisions quickly allows small businesses to learn what works and what doesn't, prevent losses, and meet deadlines.

Improved efficiency and productivity

Small firms that incorporate Odoo ERP into their operations may increase productivity and efficiency. When every task is simplified into a single system, employees have more time and energy to dedicate to their main responsibilities within the organization.

Enhanced data management and reporting 

Odoo ERP Systems collects all data into a secure database, ensuring data reliability and uniformity across the firm while making upgrades and access easy. It improved reporting and data management for more user accessibility.

Better customer relationship management 

The ability to cultivate long-lasting relationships with clients is essential for small businesses. Odoo ERP system may prove very significant in this scenario; companies can offer more efficient and individualized service by centralizing client data, order history, and communication records. Better customer relationship management can play an important role for small businesses to flourish fruitfully in the market.

Facilitating growth and expansion

The Odoo ERP Systems facilitates growth and expansion for small businesses by providing an adaptable, flexible, and expandable system that can enhance productivity. Because of its scalability, small businesses may take advantage of new opportunities and adjust to shifting market conditions without completely revamping their system. 

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Odoo ERP Systems give small businesses an advantage by improving customer connections, reducing errors, and streamlining processes. Small businesses can use Odoo ERP Systems to survive, grow, and position themselves for long-term success.

The value of ERP for small firms continues to rise as technology develops and ERP solutions become more widely available. ERP is an excellent investment for anyone wishing to create a sustainable and flourishing future.

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