Digital Transformation Journey - Apex

The Odoo implementation for Apex Group of Companies involved setting up a comprehensive system to manage their 11+ companies. This implementation included customising various modules within Odoo to streamline processes such as accounting, inventory management, sales, and human resources across all the companies within the group. 

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Odoo Customization

Streamlined Sales Process

Using Odoo CRM, sales, point of sales, and an ecommerce website to increase efficiency and streamline operations. By leveraging CRM for customer relationship management, sales tracking, and data analysis, Apex Companies has improved customer interactions and decision-making processes. Integration of sales and point of sales systems automated transactions, inventory management, and reporting, leading to reduced manual efforts and improved accuracy.

Odoo PoS
Apex Mart Website

The addition of an ecommerce website expanded Apex's market reach and provided a seamless buying experience for customers. As a result, Apex experienced increased efficiency, streamlined operations, and ultimately, improved sales performance.

Payment Integration

Paygate is a popular payment gateway in South Africa that allows businesses to accept online payments. We integrated PayFast into the Odoo ecommerce platform, which can offer their customers a secure and convenient way to make purchases online.

This integration streamlines the payment process, enhances the user experience, and helps Apex increase their online sales.




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